Welcome, thanks for calling. You have reached a site that is dedicated to the beauty that is Islamic and Geometric design.
It has been designed with both entertainment and enlightenment in mind. You are free to wander around the site and simply view the delights that geometric design offers, or if, like the author, you are fascinated by the construction process an explanation of each design is also available.
Thumbnail copies of the images are used on the main pages with larger versions available by clicking on them. The larger versions are usually accompanied by a description of the design process.
The site features a number of projects together with some additional information, as follows:-


The Seasons is an exploration of a single pattern, using differing colour systems to bring out a familiar image.
Photo of a ceiling pattern from the Alhambra

The Gallery contains a collection of images, many of which are concerned with the latent 3-dimensionality often found in 2-D patterns.

Borders relates to common Islamic borders and the ways in which they can be coded into HTML documents.

Geometrical design as 'Art' - a discussion
Deconstruction - analysing an Islamic Illumination
About the artist - a short biography.