A History of The Seasons

The first of the completed trees (Tree No. I) was a version of Winter Night in oils on paper which was entered into a mixed exhibition at the Hiscock Gallery in Southsea in 1981. It was sold and removed so quickly that no photograph was ever taken of it. If any reader knows of its whereabouts the author would be pleased to hear from them.
The first set of Four Seasons (Trees Nos. II to V) were painted in acrylics on paper and sold in 1982. These were followed by two further studies (Trees Nos VI and VII) of the Winter Trees which were given to friends in Italy in 1987.
Also in 1987 the Trees appeared as a screen print for the first time. This was (Tree No. VIII) a study of Winter Dawn which measured just 6 inches square. 12 copies were produced and most were given to friends as Christmas cards.
The full set of the Five Seasons (Trees Nos IX to XIII) were completed between June 1988 and August 1989. The print run for each tree ran to a limited edition of 55 or 56. Some are still available for purchase.
The Five Seasons are currently being generated by computer and will be numbered XIV to XVIII.

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