Islamic/Celtic Variation

Islam/Celtic Variation No 9
During my wanderings around the world of geometrical patterns, I was occasionally struck by the fact that many of the same motifs cropped up in different traditions. To a certain extent this is not surprising - after all a square is the same no matter where you work and formal divisions of the principle geometric shapes are a natural progression.
Nevertheless I observed that some patterns, often of considerable complexity were derived in diverse cultures at almost the same time. There is ample evidence to show that trade existed between these remote geographical areas so it is quite possible that the various cultures picked up their designs from imported objects.
This led me to not only a more specific interest in archaeology, but also to the concept of universal motifs. From there it was but a short step to combining influences from diverse cultures and adding a modernistic element.
In 'Variation No 9' (top left) I started with a basic Islamic pattern and applied to it a typical Celtic weave. My interest in Eschers impossible shapes then entered the scene with the result that the pattern received a '3-dimensional' makeover. It is of course impossible to physically construct this shape.

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