The Interactive Bit

In The Seasons, I have used a traditional Islamic pattern as the basis for describing landscapes that might be seen in Southern England throughout one year. Visitors to this site are invited to download my design and use it in such a way that it represents a landscape familiar to them (the original pattern rather than the wavy one might be a more appropriate base for the depiction of, say, conifers in a mountainous region). This might involve:-

  • Using a graphics programme to add colour to the pattern.

  • Printing a hard copy of the pattern for colouring by hand.

  • Applying further geometrical modifications to either the original pattern or the subsequent waved version

  • Extending the use of the dendritic imagery to encompass, say, veins and arteries or the tributaries of a river.

  • Building a three dimensional model of the pattern.

In short, the limits are solely the use of this particular pattern, the tree-like structure and the imagination.

The patterns are available as downloads in a zip file. The originals are in the CorelDraw format (cdr files). Alternatively simply save the GIF images from the page describing how the pattern was built.

Download Tree Design (99Kb)

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