Winter Night (Tree No XIII)

[Winter Night]

In many ways this was the The Tree that caused me the most difficulty. This was partially because I had to move from my studio after the first four had been printed and the only place I could find to work was in a cellar. Many thanks, Francis, for the space; if only we could have stopped that over-friendly cat of yours from leaping onto the screens.
The main problem was in deciding which colours to use. A snow scene at night doesn't readily conjur up more than a few and yet I needed to ensure a good separation in order not to lose the clarity of the pattern. In the end I chose some improbable blue-greys for the sky and diluted the impact by using a similar coloured border.
And what made it worse was that this screenprint required the largest number of passes of any in the series - 17 in all. The 'moon' took six alone.

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